Editorial Guidelines

Outdoor Andrew’s Editorial Guidelines

At Outdoor Andrew, we are committed to providing our readers with accurate, informative, and engaging content. To achieve this goal, we have established the following editorial guidelines:


We thoroughly vet all information presented on our blog for accuracy. Our team of writers and editors (almost always Andrew himself!) fact-checks all content before publication to ensure that our readers receive the most up-to-date and reliable information possible.

Recommended Products

All of the products that we recommend at Outdoor Andrew have either been personally used by Andrew, recommended by friends and enthusiasts that Andrew personally knows, or through research and input from other camping experts. No products are recommended based solely on commission. We feel the best way to recommend great products to our readers is to only suggest those that we would use ourselves.

Content Creation

We use AI tools to assist with some aspects of content creation, such as generating topic ideas and suggesting keywords. However, none of this content is published without human intervention. 

All content is written and reviewed by our team of writers and editors, who fact-check, edit, and proofread each piece to ensure it meets our high standards for accuracy, clarity, and readability.

Tone and Style

All posts on Outdoor Andrew are written in a conversational tone that is accessible to a wide range of readers. We aim to make complex topics easy to understand without sacrificing accuracy or depth of coverage. 

We avoid jargon and technical language whenever possible and strive to use clear, concise language that is easy to read and understand.

Editorial Values

We value diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our content creation process. We strive to represent a wide range of perspectives and experiences in our content and to avoid stereotypes and biases. We also prioritize transparency and honesty in our content, disclosing any potential conflicts of interest or biases that may impact our coverage.

Feedback and Corrections

We welcome feedback from our readers and take all comments and criticisms seriously. If you notice an error or inaccuracy in our content, please let us know so that we can correct it promptly. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in all of our content.

By following these editorial guidelines, we aim to provide our readers with content that is informative, engaging, and trustworthy. Thank you for reading!